(DRAFT) Public Service Hockey League Rules and Regulations (DRAFT)


General Rules Referring to Players

Section 1 -- Entitlement

  1. Eligible Players:  The “PSHL” is the Public Service Hockey League.  All rostered players MUST be current or retired full-time paid members of a Law Enforcement Agency, Fire Department, Intelligence Community agency, or a current or retired member (including DD214) of one of the Armed Services of the United States. 
    • Volunteer firemen are not eligible.
  2. A player can be rostered on only one (1) PSHL club.
  3. No player will be allowed to play in a League game unless rostered.
  4. Whenever an ineligible or suspended player's name appears on a game sheet as an eligible player, the game will be played and is subject to protest and/or forfeit.  Teams discovered to be playing with ineligible players will forfeit any games where it is proven an ineligible player participated on the ice.  In the event of a formal protest, players should be prepared to present departmental or military ID to settle the dispute.
  5. Team rosters including the player’s official title and agency must be submitted to the league at the beginning of the season and prior to the first game being played.  Any additions to a team’s roster will be forwarded to the League Commissioner prior to that player being eligible to play in a future PSHL game.
    • Team Captains will be held responsible for determining player eligibility and ensuring that this rule is adhered to for the benefit of the league.
    • Team rosters will be accessible on the PSHL website for all team captains to inspect.

Section 2 – Team Responsibilities

  1. Each team will be responsible for scheduling two (2) games against each division opponent (One home game and one away game). The number of League games to be played in each division and section will be determined from year-to-year by the Pre-Season Captains meeting.
  2. The home team is responsible for scheduling and payment of all costs associated with 1.5 hours of ice time, two (2) referees and a scorekeeper. 
  3. The PSHL regular season runs from October 1-March 31.  Games not completed by March 31st without substantial mitigating circumstances will be subject to forfeit at the discretion of the League Commissioner.
  4. Each team should attempt to have both home (dark) and away (light) colored jerseys. Where unavoidable conflicts arise, it shall be the responsibility of the home team to take corrective action.  If a club intends to have one jersey, it shall not be white.  It should be their team color other than white.
  5. Scoresheets
    • All organizations shall file all scoresheets for each game played and all scoresheets must be sent by mail, scanned and emailed, or text photo by the Wednesday following the completion of that game.
    • Any Club whose scoresheet is not received will be notified, and within two (2) weeks of that notification, if said scoresheet is still not in, shall cause that game to be forfeited by the team responsible for the delay, regardless of the actual outcome of the game. (The home team is responsible for the forwarding of the completed scoresheet to the Commissioner.)
    • Prior to each season the League Commissioner shall designate a person within the Division responsible for receiving scoresheets.
  6. Visiting teams must confirm game times within seventy-two (72) hours in advance of a regularly scheduled game.

Section 3 – Postponement of Games

  1. In the event of extraordinary circumstances such as automobile accidents, hazardous road conditions, loss of ice surface due to rink equipment, etc. a game may be postponed.  (Sickness, such as flu, is not an extraordinary circumstance.)
  2. Any team that postpones a scheduled game will be responsible for ice and possible game forfeiture (either home or away).
    • The Captains of the involved Clubs (or their appointed representative) will then be responsible to agree to reschedule or ask for payment for each game postponed in this manner.
    • All disputes will be referred to the League Commissioner and the governing Board of Directors.
  3. Any game not played as a result of extraordinary circumstances shall be rescheduled prior to the end of the regular season (March 31st)

 Section 4 -- Forfeits

  1. When a team fails to appear for a game the game will automatically be a forfeit win for the non‑offending team.
  2. A team will be deemed to have forfeited a game when ANY of the following apply:
    1. It appears with fewer than the required number of players
    2. Where the time and place appear on the schedule, where the two teams did not agree in advance to reschedule the game and notify the league scheduler or Commissioner accordingly, and where there are not extraordinary circumstances (see above).
  3. If the non-offending team prefers to reschedule the game, it will be rescheduled at the convenience of the non-offending team, and at the expense (ice cost, referees, and scorekeeper) of the offending team - regardless of being home or away for the offending team.
  4. In all cases of forfeit when the offending team is the away team, the offending team shall owe the cost of ice, referees, and scorekeeper to the non-offending team - IF those costs were incurred by the non-offending team. 
  5. A team which does not have a minimum of six (6) rostered players on its bench by ten (10) minutes after the scheduled game time shall forfeit the game.  If unauthorized non-rostered subs are obtained from the rink or by other means, the game may still be played if both teams agree, however the result will still be considered a forfeit by the team without the minimum number of rostered players.
    • One of these rostered players MUST be a goalie - pursuant to USA Hockey Rules, a team may not start a match without a goaltender.



Section 1 -- Governing Rules

  1. The rules governed by USA Hockey will be the playing rules for the PSHL.

Section 2 ‑ Time Durations and Penalties

  1. Ice, referee, and scorekeeper reservations MUST be for 90 minutes, inclusive of an ice cut if required by the rink (Ice cut inclusion is required by some rinks, which still allows 80 minutes playing time).
  2. Period Length: 3 Stop time 15 minute periods.  In the event of a tie after regulation, a five minute running time sudden death overtime (OT) period may be played if time allows in an attempt to determine a winner.  If no team scores during OT or time did not allow for an OT period to be played, the game will end in a tie.
  3. Penalties:
    • Minor Penalty: 2 Minutes
    • Major Penalty: 5 Minutes
    • Misconduct: 10 Minutes
    • Match penalty:
      • Physical abuse to a referee is automatically a match penalty.
      • USA Hockey rules regarding hearings, etc. shall be disposed by the PSHL League Commissioner. 
      • In no case will a player cited for these infractions be allowed to participate in any game or practice until the Commissioner and Board of Directors has ruled or thirty (30) days have elapsed.

Section 3 – Points and Standings

  1. Playoff seedings in each division will be determined as follows:
    1. League standings are accumulated by awarding a team two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie or overtime loss and no (0) points for a loss in regulation.
    2. Should two (2) or more teams be tied for any seeding, the following criteria shall be used to break that tie:
      1. Number of wins between the two teams (head-to-head analysis).
      2. Total number of wins.
      3. Total number of goals scored.
      4. Goal differential.
      5. Rock-Paper-Scissors

              *Note* Due to the limitations of the website standings software, the rules here govern standings - NOT the standings on the website.  The website is for informational purposes only, but every effort will be made to maintain the website standings in compliance with these rules.

              *Note*  If a team drops from the league after scheduling has begun and games have been played, the League Commissioner, Board of Directors, and remaining division teams will discuss how to proceed on a case-by-case basis.

Section 4 – Playoffs

  1. The top four (4) teams in each division will make the playoffs.  All other teams are eliminated from contention.  The highest seed plays the lowest seed.
  2. The higher seeded team will have home ice during the playoffs including the championship game.
  3. In the event of a tie after regulation, a five minute running time OT period will be played.  If that does not decide the winner, a shootout will occur to decide the game.
  4. Home teams should assure that sufficient time exists in the ice slot in the event of a five minute run-time Overtime period and/or a shootout.
  5. Home and away team will split all costs of playoff and championship games including 1.5 hours ice time, two (2) referees and a scorekeeper.  Team captains should discuss and agree to exact costs in advance of the actual game.  Any disputes regarding this will be referred to the League Commissioner if an agreement cannot be arrived at.